Who We Are

We are experienced business advisors. We have competed for and won projects and business advisory assignments over the past twenty years – we know what works. We have built what works into our proprietary Business Advisory Program and methodology.

  • We speak in plain and easy to understand language.
  • We work alongside you and your accountants.
  • We will not subject you or your people to generic “soft skills” or sales training nor will we suggest you send irrelevant client needs analysis forms or suggest you send huge lists of meaningless questions to your clients.
  • We do in our business what we show your business advisers to do.
  • For us, it’s personal. When you engage with us we behave like our livelihood depends on your firm’s business advisory success.

Having extensive international experience, and a demonstrated track record in winning and delivering professional services advisory work, our two founders have walked the talk.  

Brian Clark

Brian has over 25 years working in business transformation and change.   Brian specialises in helping clients develop and execute their transformation and change strategies incorporating sales performance, learning, performance and collaboration systems. Brian speaks, writes and consults internationally in these areas.   Brian has worked with a diverse range of organisations in professional services. 

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Sam McNeill

Sam was the Australian CEO of the major international consulting firm PA Consulting Group and prior to that the Sydney Head of Cambridge Technology Partners.  Sam has personally sold and led the delivery of business advisory assignments worth over $32M in value. Sam has been at the “pointy end” of winning business advisory assignments and delivering client value through these assignments.

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Ali Zeller – Marketing and Events

Ali is an experienced marketing professional with significant experience in planning and organising events.  Ali takes the lead in ensuring that that our know-how and expertise remains visible to accounting firms.

Harold Peacock – Adviser

Harold is our adviser in accounting systems and work practices.  Harold ensures the fit between what we do and typical accounting workflows and IT systems. 

Lisa Walker – Accounts

Lisa manages our accounts and ensures that our suppliers are paid promptly and accurately. Lisa looks after our clients and suppliers with respect, courtesy and appreciation.