What We Do

How we engage with you…

The first thing that we do is ensure that you and the key people in your firm understand our approach and how our Program delivers the results you need.

  1. We will share everything about our Business Advisory Program with you. We want to make sure that we jointly make an informed decision to start working together.
  2. We review your existing strategic roadmap for business advisory. If you don’t already have a strategic roadmap, we will work with you to create one using our strategic planning model and templates.
  3. Each person will have the opportunity to use our Business Advisory Role Indicator tool. This tool has been designed to help us tailor the Program for different people’s work and communication preferences.
  4. We will commence a pilot Business Advisory Program with between four and eight of your selected accounting professionals.
  5. Our clients begin generating advisory revenue during and soon after the Program. Once we have completed the pilot Program, we design and plan a more extensive roll-out in your firm.