Strategy for your accounting firm

Often Accounting Firms struggle with what strategy is. We will show you how to make strategy simple, clear and more easy to execute for your leadership and people. 

Strategy at its core is about making key choices about  where you will play to win and how you will win.

According to Michael Porter, author of Competitive Strategy,  a firm creates a sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals by “deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver unique value.”

Put into simple terms strategy is about answering these two questions:

  1. Were will we play to win?
  2. How will we win?

Each and every Partner in your firm must be able to articulate a clear and compelling statement of the firm’s strategy. There must be consistency among all the partners and leaders within your accounting firm.

We will ensure you get there and your people understand exactly what they need to do execute your strategy.

Without consensus on a clear strategy, accounting firms are prone to drifting back to a reliance on compliance services. For this reason we drive adoption of your new strategy through our Business Advisory Program and ongoing engagement with your firm.

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